March 4, 2016

Teaching methods and strategies

Traditional pedagogy is a science as well as an art. It has the rigor of a traditional science and the mystery of a traditional work of art. A teacher in that sense is a scientist as well as an artist, that is to say, he is a craftsman. Like a craftsman, he moulds the malleable stuff, that is, a student  with exquisiteness and delicacy and fashions a work of art. This work of art has the grandeur and mystery of a noble and aristocratic soul. Teaching has been the vocation of the most refined of human beings. It is the calling of prophets, saints and sages. So a sense of the sacred has to permeate the whole being of a teacher. A teacher, in a classical traditional environment which this school endeavors to cultivate, is an embodiment of a sense of order inherent in a sacred universe. A sense of order which gives him a discerning eye with which he can appreciate the distinctive aptitude of his student and help him actualize his inherent potential to the best of his abilities. The task of a teacher requires the consummate skill and mastery of an alchemist who can turn baser metals into gold. Teachers, in this school, aim to cultivate their spirituality through the exercise of this vocation. To that end, all of their activities are directed. This spirituality cannot be cultivated merely through some organized teacher-training programmes. The cultivation of the soul is a life-long task. Teaching is a way of life. Anyone who finds his calling as a teacher has to initiate himself into this way of life. For teaching is not just any ‘nine to five’ professional job. It is a sacred duty. We feel humbled by the enormity of our task. We are taking this step with a faith in God and His Mercy. We feel that this task, like everything sacred, has to be approached with a sense of awe and deep reverence. To fulfill this task, we aim to recruit committed individuals who are willing to cultivate their personalities for achieving the aims this school has set for itself.

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