March 4, 2016


It has been deemed necessary to make the school a boarding institution. The school does not aim to provide just a class-room based learning. The development of a distinct ambience is central to this enterprise and is a key to the holistic growth of the students. An alternative environment where they can breath a different air conducive to the growth of an alternative life. Underlying this whole project is a philosophy of life. A life which does not have professionalism and consumerism as its end. Rather it is oriented towards the spiritual growth of the students as well as teachers. Teachers see in this a learning opportunity for themselves. For teachers in this school are not only there to teach but also to learn, to sustain their spiritual being which has otherwise become almostĀ impossible in the highly professionalized and technocratic environment of the modern institutions. The school has been conceived as a ‘creative commons’ which confers responsibility on everyone involved and from which everyone can derive sustenance for a creative life and take his share according to his capacity.

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