March 4, 2016

Our Approach

  • This institute aspires to realize its goals through holistic education. Students would not only learn various disciplines but they would also be engaged in an environment which would cultivate the intellectual, moral and spiritual dimensions of their personalities.
  • Special attention would be given to the linguistic abilities. By the time our student completes his FA, he would be proficient in English, Arabic, and Urdu.
  • Emphasis would be made on conceptual learning, project based learning, and creative thinking rather than rote learning. Field trips, lab experiments, and exposure to real life situations wouls enable our students to link knowledge to practical life.
  • Aesthetic sensibilities would be cultivated by introducing Islamic traditional arts including recitation of Quran (Qirat), Tajweed, calligraphy, poetry, and literature.
  • Each student is assigned a personal tutor from the faculty who oversees his entire passage through the school, helping him to excel at his studies and also assisting him develop for a rewarding life outside the class room, professionally taking a particular interest in all he does to ensure the tuteeā€™s welfare, education, and personal growth.
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